Massage Studio

Take some well deserved me-time and let our masseuses take all your worries away. Choose one of our beloved massages below.

Did you know that you don't need to be a hotel guest in order to enjoy our spa-area?
After the massage, you can enjoy both swimming pool & infrared cabin whether you're staying at Hotel T or not.

Secure your spot by mail : or by phone : +32 56 96 70 70

Opening hours for non residential guests (by reservation only) :

Tuesday 09u00 - 14u30 I Wednesday 17u00 - 22u00 I Thursday 09u00 - 22u00 I Friday 09u00 - 15u00 I Saturday 09u00 - 22u00


Save your back
60 min - € 85,00
Back, shoulder & neck massage

Healing hands massage
60 min - € 85,00
Soft massage for total relaxation

Head to toe massage
60 min - € 85,00
90 min - € 115,00

Swedish body massage

Deep massage
60 min - € 90,00
Deep tissue massage - is a type of therapeutic massage that aims to reach the deeper layers of muscle & connective tissue.

Japanese face massage
60 min - € 85,00
In this massage we use a technique called Shiatsu (Shi is finger & atsu is pressure) on the face & head, but also a strong nek massage & a deep massage of the facetissue. All this combined with a soft massage of the skin & som lymphatic drainage techniques. For this treatment we use our lovely Aesop products.

Pregnancy massage
60 min - € 85,00
90 min - € 115,00

A harmonizing massage of the whole body. This massage is given in a lateral position that will perfectly suit your pregnancy period. This treatment consists of gentle, enveloping movements that provide relaxation for the body and allow general harmonization. Particular attention will be given to body areas that are particularly stressed during pregnancy (lower back, stomach, chest and legs). Its effects continue after the session; it improves sleep and blood circulation, stimulates vitality and allows the drainage of toxins. The benefits of massage also have an impact on the baby, who is sensitive to his mother’s state of well-being.

Head to toe massage
60 min - € 85,00
90 min - € 115,00

Swedish body massage

Full body treat
120 min - € 170,00
Full body massage + Japanese face massage

Royal treatment
100 min - € 145,00

Luxurious facial with tools combined with a relaxing face- & headmassage.

Rise and shine
100 min - € 145,00
Mini-skincare with a relaxing face- & headmassage followed by a foodmassage.

Girls just wanna have fun
2 to 4p.
Massage 45 min - € 95,00/pp
Massage 60 min - € 105,00/pp
Bonding with your friends.
Incl. a bottle of cava & Tapa or a coffee/tea with cake in our Bar T.
Our massages are given one after the other while the other(s) are enjoying our swimmingpool or infrared.
(Possible on wednesday from 5pm, thursday & saturday)

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Sunday - Friday
06.30 am - 10.00 am

Saturday - Sunday:
08.00 am – 11.00 am


12.00 am - 02.30 pm


Sunday – Wednesday:
11u00 - 23u00

Thursday - Saturday:
11u00 – 00u00